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This is the neoschool page for our guild .Everyone who post at least 10 messages is in this neoschool and please go to my shop and Laura's or else we cannot give out many books, anywayz the two  of us shall try to give out as many books as we can to make ur pet clever. It would be so nice to get a trophy for ur pets. So be active, donate, kind and helpful!!


We will give free books ramdomly to members in the guild and 2 books to a lucky member each week and if u donate u will have a better chance of winning so keep donating to keep this neoschool going and give urself a chance to win things,the more np we get we may give 2 members books each week!!! Won't that be nice if u win them.^_^.On saturday the end of the week a lucky member will get 2 books,it depends on ur luck and sometimes on ur donations,then we can give u more books to more members and it will give u a better chance!!!

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