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~*Guild Medicine Chest*~


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~*Guild Medicine Chest*~

*~Guild Medicine Chest~*


1) You must be a Guild Member for at least 2 weeks before you can receive any medications. You must also be at least a helper faerie & active. (Active means you have posted at least once within the past week.)
2) You can only receive 2 items (worth up to a total of 7,500 for both) a month. We recommend you take your pet to the Healing Springs every hour until your pet is healed. It might take a while, but your pet will eventually be healed.
3) The item must be in "stock." How do you tell if an item is in stock, just see what the council member (blueblitzgirl10) account has up for trade! Any medication available will be put up for trade in that account. If the medication is available, make your offer on the trade. If you qualify for medical assistance, your offer will be accepted. If you DO NOT qualify, your offer will be rejected.

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