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~*The Guild Rules*~

SUSPENDABLE OFFENSES: If you were suspended... it was probably for one of the following reasons..
NOTE: If you break 2 of these rules at the same time, you will be suspended for a minimum of two days. If you break 3+ of these rules at the same time, you will be automatically banned.
THREE STIKES -- You're Out.. If you break 3 rules over time, you will be banned from the guild.
  • Arguing with Council/.
      If council deletes one of your messages, they had a reason to do so. If you automatically get defensive about people deleting your messages instead of kindly asking where your message went, council might suspend you. Automatically getting defensive about missing/deleted messages is considered rude. It tells the councilthat you either do not care about the rules/ or did not read them. Either way, it is disrespectful towards the council to create anything they deem to be problematic.
  • Disrespecting Council/The Guild/Members.
      If council feel you have been disrespectful to them, they have a right to suspend you for one day. They don't have to explain their thoughts to you either. Remember, this council was voted by you. And, if you cannot respect the people you voted for, you do not deserve to be apart of the guild. If you have a complaint about why you were suspended, contact other council with your questions..

      These rules also apply to how you treat other members and the guild in general. If council says things that you have been disrespectful to anyone, you run the chance of being suspended.

      Remember, the best rule is to treat everyone exactly how you wish to be treated. This is the best way to avoid disrespecting the guild, the council, or any other member of the guild.

    • SPAM: Short Pointless Annoying Messages
    IMPORTANT: Continuously ignoring any of these rules could result in a 1 day suspension.
    Message length: Try to have your post three FULL lines or longer when typing.
    Pressing 'return' or 'enter' key to get to the next line will not count towards the 3 line minimum... the three lines are to be three lines of text that wrap automatically when you type in the message box should we copy/paste the content of the message into a new message box....

    SO: What is Spam...?
    SPAM = Short Pointless Annoying Messages
    We ask that you try to keep your posts at least three FULL lines long when you are typing it.

    TIP: A way to avoid spam is to combine what you say to people in one message. Sometimes you can answer many messages in 1 message. :)

    FAQ: Why does the council care about spam?
    Answer: This guild is growing fast & there are a lot of active members. When a lot of people post spam, then *50* pages of messages can be created within a few hours time. Most people don't have the time to get through *5* pages of messages, so we ask that people make an effort to post as little spam as possible.

    The council will delete any messages they deem to be spam w/o any explanation.

    ALSO: We request that no one try to inform others of when they are spamming. It creates extra messages & tension that can be avoided.

    Do not post is ALL CAPS either. Any posts that are in all caps will be deleted.

    Signatures do not count towards the content of your message. So, your message MUST be three lines or longer before you put your signature. We also suggest that your signature be no longer than 2 lines.

    Counting your messages or stating how many you currently have does NOT count towards your message content. We do not want to see people counting their messages in effort just to get their post totals up. Any messages that include post countings will be considered spam and deleted.

    When someone new joins the guild, do NOT direct them to the guild rules page. It is the job of council & helpers to inform new people of the rules. Any messages posted directing any newbies to the rules page will be considered spam and deleted.
PROJECTS: Any projects run by members outside the guild are NOT allowed.
    IMPORTANT: Anyone found to be running or participating in a project outside the guild for the guild will be suspended for one week.

    The council strives to ensure there are always plenty of fun and SAFE activities for you to participate it... And because your safety is important to us, NO exchanges and/or fund raisers are allow. No matter what.

    Why do we not allow these projects? The council can in no way ensure that the projects will go as planned. A 'scammer' could be running the idea & run off with any items/NPs collected in the process of running a project. So, if you are participating in any non-guild sponsored projects, you do run the risk of being scammed. And, if scammed, the guild will not help you recover losses as these projects are not allowed.

    The ONLY people allowed to run projects or fund raisers are council. you can only run such things if you are given permission by council to do so. In either case, the guild will make it publicly know of any guild sponsored projects going on. If it is not made known, then it is not a guild sponsored project.
FAQ: Do you have to donate...
    First, if you wish to donate items: the guild doesn't care what you send to us. The guild will accept anything and everything that you don't want, don't need, or just want to send our way.

    Let me stress this point again:
    • Donating to the guild is *NOT* a requirement. We don't want people to send us their hard earned NPs or items because they feel like we are making it a requirement. This guild is here to help *YOU* - the member whenever we can.
    • All we ask is that if *YOU* feel that you have enough to spare to give to the guild, that you do so. BUT, it is *ALWAYS* the members choice to donate items/nps -- or not to donate.
    • Please - I do *NOT* want anyone feeling like they absolutely have to donate just because they are a member of the guild.

FAQ: Do we allow member sponsored projects...?
    People are allowed to do projects -- however, they must be ran by laura first. There have been many acceptable projects proposed... And then, there are those projects people wanted to do like "raffles" -- where they give away a prize, people send all their NPs, and only one person wins. Those are both not fair for everyone and against neopet rules.

    laura tries her best to look out for the members. So, She tries to make sure that no member will have a disadvantage because of the requirements of a project someone wants to do.

GENERAL: Many Other Important Rules...

  • Your shop is never to collect donations or NPs on behalf of the guild. No member is ever allowed to advertise the acceptance of neopoints or items though their shop, neopet website, or personal websites. We will suspend anyone that is asking for neopoint or item donations to be sent to their personal account "on behalf of the ~Baby*Neopets*Forever~ ." People found to be doing this will be suspended for three days. If they are found to be doing this again, they will be permanently banned from the guild.
  • Please do not ask for items you do not need. As this guild is always growing, we will not be able to provide for the truly needy if we are always giving to people that want just want items for free