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~*Wishing Well*~


~*Wishing Well*~
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Welcome to ~*Baby*Neopets*Forever*~ Wishing Well! This is where your wish could come true!

*To Make A Wish*
To make a wish is simple! Just think of what you really want! (I would not choose something too expensive cause you probably won't get it) Okay, you got what you want? Now neomail (Foxy) with the following information down below:

*Your neopets username*

*What you wish for*

*Why your wish should be granted*

Wishes Being Granted*
Each week I will choose 1-3 wishes to grant! I will choose them by what they are and why ther person wished for them. If your wish is not granted it is okay, because you could always wish again!

*How Do I Know whos Wish was Granted?*
foxy will post on the message boards who's wish was granted, and what they wished for. I will also put it on this page. Then I will send them the item the wished for!