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Marge- No one published the site thursday or yesterday.
Heather- Yeah I know.
Marge- I'm gonna work on my page. =)
Jessica- Going to do more testing
Jessica- Hey I am just going to test everything so nothing will be updated.

Liam- Ha beat you Laura today.

Laura- So what LILI

Liam- Shut up!

Laura- lol

Alison- Liam You are so Lame

Liam- Not uh alison u r

Alison- Not uh

Liam- Ya huh

Tee- Woah woah woah break it up dudes.

Marv- and dudettes

Sarah- Yeah like how can you forget us girls?

Laura- I know like totally.

Laura- Omg i'm the first today!

Liam- And i'm the second -snort-

Laura- Let's try and make our site have a million pages

Tee- lol I guesss

Stacey- Like totally! We all know html so it will work!

Alison- Hey everyone I put up some pages someone fill them out.

Marge-I filled some out

Laura- I put up everyone's pages I am pretty sure I put everyone so everyone fill out your page! Don't fill out anyone elses remember you can design it how ever you want.


Marge- Oh my fudgin gaw! We made the site!

Sarah- Like no way!

Jamie- Like yes way

Marge- Let's just chat here

Jamie- Okay! But we have to have updates too.

Laura-Yeah Jamie is right

Sarah- Let's make mini biographies of oursleves

Jamie- Okay! Is that all I say?

Alison- Yes! Lol


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