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How to get a Krawk
Most people will know that Krawk is a petpet. However, due to the recent discovery, you are now able to mutate your Krawk into a NeoPet!

Krawk can be obtained via the shop wiz, the auctions, the trading post, the petpet shop on krawk island or a nice friend.

1) Make sure you do not have 4 NeoPets
2) Attach a Krawk PetPet to one of your NeoPets.
3) Go to your Pet Status Page and Click On Krawk.
4) Once there, name it to your desired Krawk NeoPet Name.
5) Go to

This is the fungus cave where you will be given the option to feed your Krawk PetPet some special Fungus. Upon eating it, it will mutate into your very own rare neopet Krawk

To get this: Use This:
Bold Letters <b>Bold Letters</b>
Italic Letters <i>Italic Letters</i>
&hearts ; (no spaces)
&clubs ; (no spaces)
&spades ; (no spaces)
&hearts ; &hearts ; (no spaces)
ALT + 168 on number pad